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Q: What information is collected from visitors to this web site and how is that information used?

A: For EVERY VISITOR to this web site, the TCP/IP information for the domain where you access the internet, the type of computer and web browser you use, the date and time the web site was accessed, and the internet address of the web site from which you direct-linked to this web site are passively (automatically without you doing anything) collected by the insectasylum web server.

This information is currently used to understand trends in use, so that the site can be better adapted to user needs.

Any information about your visit and any content submitted to this site may be shared for the purposes of rendering a better user experience (for example, more accurate identification of your insect, or to focus on subjects of importance to visitors).

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Colorful photo of a Blue Death Feigning Beetle - Asbolus verrucosus - eating a carrot.